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Frequently Asked Questions

When's the latest I can make an advance booking on the ride?
Applications received before the Wednesday before the ride will be sent out by post. Bookings received between the Wednesday and midday on the Friday before the ride (when online booking closes) will be taken to the administration tent at the Start for collection.
Can I book transport on the day of the ride?
As spaces are limited it’s best to pre-book transport to guarantee a seat. Any spaces on the day are sold on a strictly 'first-come, first-served' basis.
Can I change a rider on my team?
Yes- please contact us on enquiries@bike-events.com with details
Can I register on the day of the ride?
Yes, however, the entry fee will be slightly higher on the day. Please arrive 20 minutes before you hope to start cycling to allow you time to register. NB WE DO NOT TAKE CHEQUES ON THE DAY.
Can I add myself / others to an already registered team?
Yes. Anyone can add themselves to a pre-registered team if it was originally registered as ‘public’. On the corresponding ride booking page simply enter the number of places required in the ‘Team Entry’ field and click on ‘next’ – then choose from the list of publicly listed teams in the next dialogue box. Teams created as ‘private’ can be added to ONLY by the original registrant (usually the team leader) and they need to log into their user account using the same email address as for the original booking and then use the appropriate ride booking page, as described above. Please note that all team entries will be sent to the team leader for distribution. A ‘private’ team can be converted to ‘public’ (i.e. made available for others to book onto directly) by the team leader. To do so, they must log into their account, choose ‘team details’ from their account menu and make the appropriate changes.
What happens if I have a medical problem on the ride?
All rides are covered by teams of qualified first-aiders - typically either St. John's Ambulance or the British Red Cross. If you have an accident or feel unwell, or witness an accident or rider experiencing medical difficulties, simply call the emergency number shown on the route map given out on the day and we'll direct a first-aider / ambulance to where you are. In the event of further medical assistance being needed, riders will be taken to the nearest available A&E department, as appropriate. RIDERS REQUIRING REGULAR MEDICATION SHOULD BRING THEIR MEDICINES WITH THEM. IF YOU HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT YOUR FITNESS OR ABILITY TO COMPLETE THE RIDE, PLEASE SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE IN ADVANCE.
How much is entry if riding a tandem?
The registration fee is per person only - as are transport fees.
When I registered I didn’t book transport – can I add it now?
If you registered an account with us when you booked your place on the ride, you will be able to add transport – simply log into your account and book the required transport on your 'My Bike Events' page. If you did not register an account when making the original booking, you can still create an account now and book required transport but to do so you must use the same email address used for the original booking.
What happens if I have a mechanical problem on a ride?
TO DEAL WITH SIMPLE PUNCTURES, WE ADVISE THAT ALL RIDERS BRING ALONG A PUNCTURE REPAIR KIT AND PUMP. If you need further help, we provide a number of cycle mechanics - either mobile or static - to help with any problems. Just call the emergency number shown on the route map given out on the day and we'll either direct a mobile mechanic to where you are or a pick up vehicle to relay you and your bike to the nearest static mechanic (typically situated at refreshment stops). Most problems with brakes, tyres, pedals and chains can be dealt with at the roadside. The service is free but a charge may be made for any replacement parts needed. If your problem cannot be resolved by the mechanic, you and your bike will be relayed either to the start or finish point, as appropriate.
I just booked on a ride and paid online - how can I be sure my registration was successful?
On successful purchase of a place on a ride, riders receive a confirmation email from SagePay, who take payments on our behalf. The email from SagePay will contain a unique 3/5 digit transaction code ('xxx-xxxxx') which should be quoted on any enquiries.
What happens if I want to retire from the ride?
Riders who unable to complete the ride, for whatever reason, can call the emergency number shown on the route map given out on the day and we'll direct a pick up vehicle to relay you and your bike to either the start or finish, as appropriate.
My entry pack is missing my ID/entry card?
In this case you can pick up a new one from our administration tent at the start of the ride.
Do I have to raise a minimum amount of sponsorship?
The rides raise money for different charities who rely on the sponsor money you raise, so we encourage all riders to raise sponsorship and a sponsor form will be sent with your registration pack. There isn't a minimum amount of sponsorship on any of our rides and all funds raised are gratefully received by the charities concerned. Please make sure that funds raised are returned to the charity, with cheques made out to them - the address will be shown on the sponsor form.
Do I have to wear a cycling helmet?
Bike Events strongly recommends that all riders wear a helmet. There is discussion about the use of cycle helmets and the wearing of helmets is not mandatory in law. However, we do advise all riders to wear one and will have helmets for the sale at the start of each event.
Can I raise sponsorship for a charity other than that associated with the ride?
Most of our rides have a single charity sponsor, whose logo and mission statement appear on the homepage of each individual ride. All our rides offer the opportunity to raise sponsorship for very worthwhile causes, while there is no minimum sponsorship amount set. Where applicable, the charity's sponsor form is sent with each rider registration pack and we encourage all riders to raise sponsorship for them. Where riders wish to raise sponsorship for an alternative charity, you should donate a minimum of 20% of the total raised to the official charity, as without their support the ride would not be held. In this case, a sponsor form other than the one sent with the registration pack should be used to collect sponsorship - the amount for the official charity being returned to their appeals office – the address will be on the official sponsor form included in the rider pack. You can also sign up for oner of our 'Open Events' - a ride with no official sponsor - and raise sponsorship for the charity of your choice. This year we have two Open Events: the Tour de Tendring bike ride on 14th May and the London to Cambridge bike ride on 2nd July. Please contact the charity of your choice for sponsorship information. In all cases, sponsorship raised should be returned to the charity concerned and NOT to Bike Events.
How long will my registration pack take to arrive?
We try to post out registration packs within 2 weeks, although please allow up to 28 days during busy periods. Registration packs for earlier rides are prioritised. Late entries purchased on the Thursday or Friday before an event will be available to pick up from the administration tent at the start of the ride.
Can I transfer my booking from one ride to another?
Sorry, registrations to another ride are non transferrable but you can find another person to ride in your place if you email us with their and your details.
Can we put up a tent for our team at the finish?
This will vary with each event due to space and access, please contact us using teams@bike-events.com to discuss options
I can’t find my transport ticket - what should I do?
If you have pre-booked transport with us please bring along the confirmation email sent when you registered. If you can't find that, we have a separate record of all transport bookings.
Can I take my tandem on the transport?
Yes, we are able to take tandems. Transport tickets are sold with consideration to seating allocation on our coaches so are sold per person – i.e. a 2 seater tandem would require 2 transport tickets.
Can I change my start time to ride with a friend?
The start times are a guide only – you do not need to inform us if you wish to change your start time
Is a copy of the route map available before the ride?
GPX maps of the routes are available for download after successfully registering on each individual ride. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE CREATED AN USER ACCOUNT DURING THE REGISTRATION PROCEDURE and then login to your My Bike Events account area (link in grey menu bar at the top of the page) using the email address and password entered during registration. You'll find a link to the GPX file in the menu on the left of the page. There will also be a printed route map - showing rest stop locations and support service contact details - available on the day of the ride.
Are all your rides on road?
All our rides are on road unless otherwise stated - please check individual ride pages on the website for details (under 'Other Info').
I signed up for the 100 mile ride but want to change to the 50 (and vice-versa)
No problem - please contact us on enquiries@bike-events.com to arrange this.
Can I bring a child in their bicycle child seat / using a trailer bike on the ride?
In general, we do not allow the carriage of small children using child seats or on 'tag-along' type trailer bikes, although they are welcome on the shorter routes of the GR8 Escape, New Forest and London to Windsor rides. This is due partly to safety considerations: the possible dangers posed by vehicular traffic (our rides always taking place on open roads) or by other participant cyclists (the possibility of collisions between riders being increased the more riders there are in a given space). In addition, weather conditions on the day may be unsuitable for the carriage of a small child for extended periods.
Can I bring my dog in my bike basket?
No. The carriage of, or accompaniment by, dogs or any other animal is not allowed on any ride.
Can I get a refund on my entry fee?
Entry fees are refunded only in the event of illness (minus a 25% administration fee). In this event, please return your registration pack with a covering letter. Alternatively, find someone to replace you, but make sure you supply Bike Events with their details. Refunds are not available after the event has taken place.
Can I get a refund on my transport ticket?
Transport tickets are non-refundable.
I've just signed up for a ride. How do I create an online giving page?
The two major online sponsorship sites are Justgiving (http://www.justgiving.com) and Virginmoneygiving (http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/giving. To set up your own page for one of the rides you've signed up with at Bike Events, simply visit one of these sites and follow their step-by-step instructions to create a new page. Once you've entered your details and chosen a username & password etc., you can then search for the name of the ride's charity sponsor (e.g. BHF). Choosing them from a list (or using the search facility provided) you will then be presented with a list of that particular charity's forthcoming programme of sponsorship raising events. Select the ride you've just registered for and finalise your page. You will then have successfully created your personalised online giving page and you can then share your page with your friends and family by emailing the link to your page. In the case of Justgiving, when creating your page your details are passed to the chosen charity sponsor.
Is there a GPX map of the route available?
Yes. Once you've registered for a ride (and if you've CREATED AN ACCOUNT during the registration process) you can log into your My Bike Events account and download a GPX file of the route. As there are now a wide variety of GPS units used by cyclists, you will have to convert it to a format appropriate to your particular unit (tcx, kml, etc.). To convert it, navigate to www.bikehike.co.uk and to the COURSE CREATOR page (http://www.bikehike.co.uk/mapview.php). Choose 'Load Route', browse for your downloaded GPX file then upload it. Select the correct format for your unit. Once converted, you can download the new version and transfer it to your GPS unit. If you are encountering any problems with the GPX file, please send your query to: gpx@bike-events.com RIDERS SHOULD NOT RELY EXCLUSIVELY ON GPX MAPS ON THE DAY AND MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE ROAD, TO DIRECTIONAL AND CAUTIONARY SIGNAGE DISPLAYED ALONG THE ROUTE, AND TO ADVICE FROM RIDE MARSHALS
Can I use my triathlon bike on a Bike Events ride?
Can I use my triathlon bike on a Bike Events ride? Our rides are non-competitive mass-participation events, often with a fundraising, charitable purpose. Riders of widely varying ages and abilities take part - from the occasional, sometimes inexperienced, through to the regular, proficient club-cyclist. They are not triathlons, neither are they timed events. For this reason, riders are NOT PERMITTED to use bikes fitted with tri-bars or otherwise adapted for specialised use.
Can i phone?
yes, 0117 989 7080
Can I use an electric bicycle on Bike Events rides?
Yes, you can, although we don't provide any e-bike specific facilities, and we do not allow e-bikes on our 100 mile routes. Please note that there won't be anywhere to charge batteries at the start, finish or en route. You are responsible for knowing the range of your battery. Indeed we also suggest you may wish to bring a spare battery.